Selected Publications

  • “Notice and Takedown: Online Service Provider and Rightsholder Accounts of Everyday Practice,” with Jennifer Urban and Brianna Schofiled. Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA. Vol.64:3, pgs 371-410. 2017.
  • “Digital Piracy.” Handbook of Digital Media and Social Practice. Springer, 2017
  • Media Piracy in Emerging Economies, 2011, SSRC Press. Editor and Contributor:
    • “Chapter 1: Rethinking Piracy”; “Chapter 2: Networked Governance,” with Sean Flynn; “Chapter 4: Russia,” with Olga Sezneva.

Selections published in Portuguese in Brazil Pirata, Brazil Original. FGV 2015.
Also available in Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

  • “Cultures of Collaboration in Media Research,” in Napoli and Aslama, Communication Research in Action. Fordham University Press, 2011.
  • “On Making Public Policy with Publicly Available Data: The Case of U.S. Communications Policymaking,” with Philip Napoli. Government Information Quarterly. Vol. 27, no.4. 2010.
  • “Toward a Federal Data Agenda for Media and Communications Policymaking,” with Philip Napoli. CommLaw Conspectus, Catholic University, v.1, no.16, 2008: pp.53-96.
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Social Sciences, Associate Editor, Oxford University Press, 2002.